Floor grinding

If the floor is badly worn out or needs renovation due to some other reasons, it is necessary to apply a grinding method, allowing to eliminate irregularities. Many years of experience will allow us to execute the work promptly and efficiently. You will not need to bother about a grinding machine and materials.

Price of grinding works: 1 m2 - 5,80 €

Removing of paint

Clients often encounter a question of what to do with the floor if it has been painted and often even with several layers. The only answer is to remove the old layer of paint and we do it by means of a hot dryer, not damaging the wood under the layer of paint.

Price of the work (including removing of paint, grinding and vanishing): 1 m2 - 13,04 €

Floor puttying

After grinding of the floor it is necessary to putty gaps and irregularities. The putty used is chosen by the wood tone. This makes possible to hide the irregularities and gaps between planks. The putty is pressed as deep as possible and polished with an abrasive after drying. Gaps exceeding 3 mm are puttied with chip dust.

Price of the work: 1 m2 - 0,87 €


For padding and vanishing we use single component putties, primers and vanishes by “Sadolin” company.
First of all the parquet is covered with a primer which, soaking deeply into the wood, helps to preserve technical advantages of the wood and its natural colour. The choice of vanish is based on compatibility of chemical composition of the vanish with chemical composition of the primer.
For staining we use products by American company ZAR. When absorbed these products impregnate the surface of the wood. The products guarantee an even colour of the surface with no streaks and marks of strokes.

Price of the work: 1 layer 1 m2 - 0,87 € + price of the materials
Tentative price of all the works: 1 m2 - 15,65 € .

On arrival experts from our company will objectively evaluate the floor condition and scope of necessary works. With modern means we will promptly and efficiently renovate old floor, parquet, will cover surfaces with protective agents.
Orders and queries are taken by e-mail or telephone. For the works performed you may pay either in cash or by bank transfer.